Herbs have so many more uses than sitting in the spice cupboard. Give your whole body a treat by soaking in this curated skin-softening blend of herbs, spices and oils. Whole Calendula ~ Mexican Allspice ~ Orange Peel ~ Lavender Buds ~ Whole Cinnamon ~ Epsom Salt ~ Essential Oil Directions for use: Fill muslin bag with herbs, cinch tight. Hang over bath faucet to let hot water run through. Steep in tub for 20 minutes while bathing, apply bag directly to dry skin as needed. Squeeze and freeze bag to use up to 3 more times. Use old herbs as as a mulling spice or compost them. Reuse cotton bag. 16 oz, heavy glass jar. Comes with cotton muslin reusable tea bag and wooden scooper.

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Size: *
  • Single Bath 2.5 oz with cotton pouch glass vial
  • 8 baths 16 oz with cotton pouch glass jar