What do turmeric, milk, and mineral clay all have in common? They're all fantastic for your skin! No preservatives in this natural mud mask.

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Golden Milk Mud Mask is a harmonious combination of bentonite clay, powdered milk, kaolin clay, turmeric, black pepper, and turmeric extract. 

Spicy, not sweet!

Add a small spoonful of Golden Milk Mud Mask in a glass bowl. Add just enough water to make the consistency of yogurt and stir well. Apply anywhere on the skin that needs brightening and soothing, and let dry. Wipe off gently with a wet cloth after about 10 minutes. Enjoy bright and soothed skin!

To go a little bit deeper in the pampering routine, you can alternate some of the water with apple cider vinegar and even add a mashed banana! Enjoy and be well!