I'm thrilled to offer a multi-pack discount for my small batch, compostable deodorant tubes. The product is the same, but after you're done simply remove the label and bury in your compost pile. Nature will do the rest! These tubes are made in Minnesota from vegan wax-lined kraftboard and push up like a Flintstone's Push-Pop from your childhood. Please let me know which scents you'd like in the comments upon checkout, and I will have them out to you ASAP! Thank you!


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Available Scents:

Bombshell (glittery and flowery)

Buck Naked (unscented)

Dirt (earthy with a hint of vanilla)

Fresh Cotton


Hops & Patchouli





Toughen Up (Cinnamon/Clove)

Vanilla Latte

Vitality (fresh cologne-type fragrance)


These kraftboard biodegradable tubes are AWESOME.  They break down in your soil within 2 years.  BUT, they are a natural product and might show slight discoloration from the deodorant that is stored in them over time.  The product still works like magic, but doesn't stay super-duper pretty like the plastic tubes.