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Nitty Gritty Pit Stick was launched in 2016 on a sunny Sunday at the Warren Farmer's Market. Since then, this awesome product has been rolling into homes all over the  United States and even into a few stores.  The core of Nitty Gritty has been quality from the very beginning.  Quality product with quality ingredients, quality customer service, quality results.

Emily's Story:
My whole life, even in high school, I felt I was a 'stinky' person.  I had tried everything: Men's deodorant, scrubbing in the shower with baking soda, wearing nothing (THAT was a stinky one...seriously it made my coat smell!) and none gave me a fresh feeling during the day. I was uncomfortable with dumping chemicals on my skin and the research emerging from using aluminum was terrifying.  I thought I was destined to stink my whole life!  As a last resort, I grabbed my coconut oil and essential oil and tried to make my own... and it was a HOME RUN.  Even my husband couldn't believe how much better my hugs were.  I could hug him when he got home from work without knocking him out! I haven't looked back. I love sharing my newfound non-stinky joy.  I can hug with confidence!  This product changed my life!  I love my Nitty Gritty Pit Stick.  I hope you love it as much as I do!