Why won't my Pit Stick spread on my skin?

The number one oil in your Pit Stick is coconut oil, which is moodier than Lake Superior before a storm. Coconut oil changes texture based on temperature.  In the dead of winter you may need to press your stick against your warm skin for 3 seconds to soften it to spreadability.  
(Likewise in the summer, it gets a little gooey.  You do not need to store in the fridge, but expect it to soften to a cream cheese texture when the outside temps rise above 90 degrees)

Where does my dollar go when I buy a Pit Stick?

It's our joy to support several missions and charities!

We are monthly donors for:

Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Haitian Christian Outreach

Go Bindemans Mission to France

Check out these awesome organizations!  

What are your company standards?

1. USEFUL & SIMPLE! Mama ain't got time for products that don't work.  Give me simple and give me effective.  That's the very essence and heart of Nitty Gritty!

2. PROGRESSIVELY ECO-FRIENDLY! Reusable bottles, stable/recyclable plastic, compostable tubes. I believe we can be clean and fresh without yucky chemicals or lots of waste.

3. OUR GRANDPARENTS WERE ON TO SOMETHING. Natural things like essential oils, coconut, sodium, and clays are powerful.  We don't need frilly/foamy/fragrancy to get the job done.  Keep it simple, sweetheart.

How long are Pit Sticks good for (shelf life)?

So, I can't say they are good forever... because nothing is...
BUT, they have a very long shelf life.  The official answer is 1 year. BUT, I've been using the same one (that lives in our camper, so used infrequently) for like 4 years.  It's a little drier than it was when new, but still kills the stink!