02 Sep

What a whirlwind. The new addition to our family, baby Zeke, has been keeping us OH so occupied with his angelic face... and nighttime wakenings.  As a result I have been fulfilling orders left and right along with being a full-time mama to Liv and Ev.  When is life NOT a whirlwind?  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now I sit at Panera, with a way-too-flaky chocolate croissant and cup of hazelnut coffee, able to focus on YA'LL, my friends and Pit Stick Freshness Enthusiasts to catch up on all the new (and old but forgotten in the haze of newborn sleepiness).

Mr. Nitty Gritty, the CFO (aka my hubby Andy) went to the Persian Gulf for his job at Chrysler.  He's a test engineer for lots of different cars, but this trip focused heavily on the Jeep and its performance in the heat and humidity of the Middle East.  He took his trusty Pit Stick with him with high expectations and was pleasantly surprised at how it handled!  No stinky or sweaty pits at all! Plus he got to ride a camel!

The future is so bright for Nitty Gritty!  After I type this, I'm going to do more research on the best formula to balance pH on skin.  I'll be looking into the amazing ingredient tartaric acid, which comes about when wine is made!  I'm thinking of adding a pH balancing solution to the store too. Looking into more options to cut out plastic usage as well.  Always growing and learning...

Special shout out to my friend, Amanda.  On this Labor Day she offered to come watch my kiddos while I came here to focus. And she brought lunch! We have no technical family living in Sterling Heights (hubby is out of town), but have the most amazing friends who would drop everything to help us out! 

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