03 Apr

My page has been quiet lately.  I have not updated this dear website in WAAAY too long!  Fall and winter were tough.  I was busy gestating (through the first trimester... mamas, you know how that can be with morning sickness!) a new little boy who is set to arrive in the Young household in May 2019! As the Young household gets ready to add a new member, I thought it would be a nice time to do the same in the Pit Stick family.  

Around 20 weeks gestation my skin became highly sensitive.  Since I firmly believe necessity is the mother of invention, I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment to find the perfect blend of strength and sensitivity and roll out 'Strong Mama'.  It is a fantastic, pregnant mama approved, rigorously tested blend for pregnant pits.  The original Strong Mama smells like lavender, but there is a even-more-gentle kind the is unscented and totally free of baking soda.  It has extra shea butter and jojoba oil too for added pampering.

I know we want to leave the world just a little bit better for our children, so Strong Mama comes in a biodegradable tube made of plant-based wax and kraftboard, handmade in Wisconsin by another small business.  Those stats just make me feel great!

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